Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer is going....

It's hard for me to believe that the summer is almost over. July was a busy busy month for my family. It started off with a VERY quick trip home to Oklahoma. We left July 3rd and returned July 7th. I went to see my oldest son and also to reconnect with childhood friends. There was other motives as well....Ted's, Braum's, Del Rancho...the list goes on and on. We even brought back two huge Black Diamond Watermelons, something we can't seem to find here in Vegas. On the way home, we called son #2 to check on the well being of our "soon to be" newest granddaughter, due the end of the month. He told us that she had been born, she weighed this and was that inches long. I was so upset then he told me he was just joking. BUT, later that evening, more like 1:30 AM..he called us again and said he "wasn't joking this time." Our "daughter-in-law" was in labor and she was at the hospital. I said it in quotes because they aren't married, but you wouldn't know that. We were more than 3 hours away, but quickly gathered our thoughts and drove home, straight to the hospital.

Ziola Rain was born July 7th at 11:09 AM. She weighed 7lbs and 5oz. She was early and even though her weight dictating otherwise, she had some problems. They rushed her to the NIC-Unit and she was there for 22 days. A very stressful time in our lives. But God does answer prayers and she's fine, home and doing well now. Her "big brother" Ocean came to see her on the 22nd and he's still here. Along with him, "Aunt Jan" came and spent a week with us. Needless to say, we're exhausted.

Now we are in the "rest mode"...planning on some fall camping trips and of course, going to see our "precious sweet pea" as often as we can...Life is wonderful, isn't it?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary Wayne

Today is my wedding anniversary. Nine years ago, I married the love of my life. It wasn't my first marriage, but it was. I had been a single parent of three for nineteen years. All of my friends would tell you that I always said "I would never, ever marry again". But the Lord works in mysterious ways. Through modern technology, I met my husband on the internet. It wasn't through one of those "chat rooms" but through a mutual friend. We sent messages for 4 months before I allowed him to call me on the phone. After 3 more months, we began a year long relationship of flying back and forth between Las Vegas and Oklahoma City.

On June 19, 1999, at Noon, in the mountains of Mt. Charleston, among the beautiful Aspen trees, we were united in marriage, with my children, our families and friends all present. It was beautiful. It seems like yesterday.

Wayne is my best friend, my soulmate, the love of my life. The Lord brought us together and we've had THE most fantastic life together. I can only wish that others could be as happy as us.

Happy Anniversay ...my knight in shining armour ~ ~ ~ ***

*Picture taken at the site where we took our vows


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Honoring My Father

Today is Father's Day...and I write this to Honor My Father. He has been gone for almost 30 years, but there's not a day goes by that I don't think of him. He was a man of quiet demeanor, soft spoken all the time, loved to share stories, make things from wood, and fish. He never raised his voice, yet you knew he meant business. He spoiled me rotten and taught me a lot. His work ethics were impecable, passing the trait of hard work leads to good things on to my brother and myself. I wish he were here...I miss him so much. Yet, I know, one day we will meet again. Happy Father's Day Daddy... I love you.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Plums from the tree that wasn't suppose to bear

When we bought this home six years ago, we picked this beautiful ornamental plum tree for our front yard. Most of the other neighbors went with whatever the builder put in. We wanted to be different and also, wanted to create some shade. Each year, as the tree grew, we would get a handful of small plums. We basically left them alone and let the birds have them. This year was different. The tree was loaded with plums. Every time the wind would kick up, some would fall. We'd step on them, thus leaving stains on the sidewalk and sometimes even in the house. Last Sunday, I asked my husband to help me pick the remaining plums off, to eliminate this problem. The more we picked, the more we had. Pretty soon our basket was full. I couldn't resist... I'd been wanting to can again for sometime. So that evening and the next morning, I made plum jam, with the help of my husband. It is delicious!!! We may never have this opportunity again, but while we did, we took advantage of it. Now, I'm looking for other foods to can. It's so nice to open up a jar of fresh green beans in the dead of winter.

We call this "Wild Buffalo Plum Jam"...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Time has escaped me...

It's hard to believe that it has been two months since I last posted. There has been a lot going on in my life and I just didn't have it in me to stop and post. After having the "wind knocked out of my sails"... I am now ready to pursue this "blogging" more aggressively.

I had a total knee replacement April 14th. The surgery went without a hitch but it was my reaction to the antibiotic that made me very ill and put me back in the hospital for three days, that slowed me down. While there, my doctor found some other items of concern and sent me to a specialist. He ordered an EGD (throat scope) and it found nothing. I've been wanting to lose some weight but this certainly wasn't what I had in mind. I am 18 pounds lighter...yahoo. All of this set me back with my physical therapy but I'm catching up slowly but surely. The knee pain that I did have had altered my life style greatly...no walking, hiking, camping, shopping..everything. I now have no pain at all, just a little stiff legged. I know all of that will take time to get the muscles and everything else back to normal... I also know that my trust and faith in the Lord will see me through. He is taking care of everything. So... onward and forward, no looking back


Thursday, April 10, 2008

It Doesn't Seem Possible

It was a year ago that we helped Jan, my daughter, move to Irving, Texas. She had lived in Vegas for a few years and wanted to venture out on her own. She and her significant other drove her loaded down car. We pulled a U-Haul behind our truck. Since we were on a pretty close time frame, we had to move quickly. We painted and pasted and lifted and moved and then came time for us to leave. Her place is in a safe part of town and she seemed to have planned everything out before hand. All we had to do is say our "goodbyes" and pull away.

There comes a time in every parent's life where they hear that little "whisper" telling them to let go... and this was the whisper for Jan. I didn't want to leave her behind... had a lot of concerns and worries but knew that it's all a part of that "letting go" process. All I could do at this point was to place her in the arms of God and let Him take care of her for me. He's never failed me before and I had no reason to believe He would now.

As we headed west, we passed by the Fort Worth Stockyards. We had to stop. It was like stepping back in time during the old cattle rustling days. Wayne especially liked it because his grandfather worked at a feed lot. For him it stirred memories. I've included a few pictures. Hope you enjoy.

We stopped at this campsite near Tucson, Arizona

Beautiful Ocotillo and Saguaro

Days end...


Friday, April 4, 2008

Death Valley

The Fall and Winter of 2004-2005 was very good for Death Valley. The park received a record amount of snow and rain. This caused the wildflowers to pop out in a record abundance. We made a camping trip in February in order to avoid the hot temperatures of the summer. The flowers were gorgeous then. We didn't think they could be any prettier But, we made another trip in March and they were AWESOME. Starting in the southern part of the park, the wide open spaces were covered with blankets of yellow, purple and red flowers, with many other species mixed in.

It was the most fantastic sight and something we might not ever see again. Making one last trip in April, the "carpet" had moved further north clear to Scotty's Castle and beyond.


Welcome to my Inspiration

This has been a long time in coming. I've been wanting to create my own blog for sometime but just didn't have the courage or the "know how". Through some encouragement of others, I am walking "out on a limb" with the hope that I'll do this right and won't appear a fool. I have enjoyed reading the blogs of others so much that I have a daily routine... First, I check "home" news, then my emails, then I read some of my favorites that I have created "shortcuts" for. I don't want this to become just a scrapbooking, card making, whatever blog. I love a variety of things and want to be able to share in all areas. I just ask that you be patient with me.. I'm sure I will make mistakes and if I do, please accept my apology now.

As the title states "Wildflowers...my inspiration". I absolutely love any and all kinds of wildflowers. When I travel I spend most of my time taking endless pictures from along the roadside. My husband, being very understanding and patient...navigates the vehicle and I jump out and take the picture. We have several books that I drag along to help identify the flower as I shoot it. I keep a notebook in the car and very carefully organize not only my film but my pictures as well... But as I look at the flower, whether it be through a camera lens or just my observation, it brings to mind the one who not only created me but all the flowers as well...God. I honor Him and give Him all the glory for all the beauty He created that surrounds each and everyone of us. One of my favorite scriptures is
"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"... Joshua 24:15

God First... and all other things fall in place.