Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Most Precious Little Girl....Sweet Pea"

How would you like to see THE most precious little girl? Well, here she is....

This is Ziola Pepper Rain Pennington...our 16 month old granddaughter.

She's growing so fast and getting cuter by the minute....

We are truly bless by this little angel.... Love you Sweet Pea!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

"My Daddy's Love"

My beautiful daughter surprised me with the most wonderful "birthday weekend". Part of her flying in from Texas to surprise me was a surprise "tea party" that she had for me. At the end of the evening, she stood up and share one more gift... a beautiful wooden box. Inside was my Daddy's Bible that I thought I had lost a long time ago. My ex had it and gave it to my daughter last January. She kept it and gave it to me on my 60th birthday.... included was this poem....

Daddy, take my hand in yours,
and you will plainly see.
How very much I need you now
to love and care for me.
As my little hand grows,
I will need you even more.
Everything I do in life,
I have never done before.
Teach me to be kind, loving
sharing and forgiving,
Show me through your acts of
love the pure joy of living.
The years will pass by quickly
And one day I will be grown.
I will pass what you have taught me,
Onto children of my own.
Hold me always in your thoughts,
And remember when we are apart.
The special love between a child
and a daddy's heart...

Wow...where's the tissues?

Monday, October 5, 2009

"SugarPie Sistas' Fall Swap"

I view the most fantastic blog everyday...SugarPie Farmhouse. We sistas' decided to have a "Fall Swap". It was totally voluntary. I chose to participate and was paired up with "Dayle" from Florida. This weekend, I received my "package". OH MY!!! There was some of the most wonderful decorations, candles, recipe book, and decorations. I've included a few pictures of my "goodies".

Thank you Dayle... I love each and everyone of my treats!!!!!

P.S. I MUST get some more of those candle tarts...they smell WONDERFUL!!!