Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This fun activity was suggested by one of my Sugarpie Sistas'. Enjoy!

About the TREE....
1.When do you put up the Christmas tree? The weekend after Thanksgiving
2. Real or fake? Fake...too many decorations for real
3. Lights? What color? Clear
4. Garland? Yes, over the entertainment center
5. Theme or no theme? No theme...Old fashioned looking tree.
6. What kind of topper? Star, been on every tree for 36 years.
7. What's your favorite ornament? Pistol Pete.. Alma Mater Mascot
8. What does your tree skirt look like? Quilted with Christmas icons.
9. Where do you put your tree? Front window so it can be seen from outside.
10. Who decorates the tree? Both hubby and I
11.What's "under" the tree? Right now...nothing.
12. Do you put candy canes on your tree? Sometimes..if grandchildren will be around.

About the FOODS....
1. What's your favorite Christmas cookie? Two... Macroons, and Chocolate Snaps
2. Do you bake cookies and give them away? Absolutely... another Christmas Tradition.
3. Any "special" foods or candy that you only have at Christmas time? Millionaires and Daddy's Peanut Brittle
4. What do you eat Christmas EVE? Hubby's family spends Christmas Eve together.. Everyone brings something...no set plan.
5. What do you eat on Christmas day? Some light...It's usually just hubby and I.
6. Do you like Eggnog? LOVE eggnog, especially Braum's
7. Do you like candy canes? Yes.. Bob's Soft Peppermint Sticks

1. Where do you hang your stockings? By the fireplace
2. Do you put lights on your house? Use to, not anymore
3. Got any outside lawn decorations? Yes, two large wreaths around outside garage lights. Clear lights intermingled with grapevine around door...
4. Do you put up a nativity (cr├Ęche)? YES... Have four up right now and could have more.
5. Do you hang mistletoe over the door? No
6. Got a wreath on your front door? Yes, Pinecone wreath
7. How long does it take you to decorate? If you squeeze the time together.. 8 hours

About the movies/show
1 Favorite Children's Xmas TV show/cartoon? Polar Express
2. Wonderful Life/Miracle on 34th St/A ChristmasCarol (Scrooge). Miracle on 34th.
3. Favorite Christmas movie? The Homecoming.
4. Have you ever seen the Nutcracker Suite Ballet live? Yes, long time ago.
5. Ever been to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show? No, but would love to.
6. Ever gone to the movies on Xmas Day? Yes

Other Christmas things....
1. Favorite Christmas book or story?
2. Do you stuff your stockings with any types of food? For the fur kids? Clementines, chocolate covered cherries, special Christmas novelties
3. Do you go to church on Christmas or Christmas Eve? Yes, Twice...early for the drama and midnight candle service..very meaningful.
4. Have you ever gone Caroling? Long time ago when I was younger
5. Favorite Christmas Carol? "I'll Be Home For Christmas"
6. Do you believe in Santa? Absolutely!!!
7. Do you leave Santa cookies? Yes..
8. What about Rudolph. If we remember
9. What was your best Christmas gift? A trip to Disneyland
10. What was the worst/most odd gift? a Mexican sucker that looked like it was covered with dirt. It wasn't a trick, the young bi-lingual gal was serious.
11. Do you go to a "work" Christmas party? Use to, not anymore
12. Do you hate going? N/A
13. Do you send Christmas cards? Yes, but the list is shrinking. I find it funny that people who are suppose to be important in our lives can't spend 44 cents to return the favor... I'll spend my 44 cents elsewhere.
14. Do you make a "list"? For Santa? No
15. Do you check it twice? & thrice & etc. I repeat it twice, thrice, but they don't always remember.
16.When do you start shopping? When I see something someone might like
17.Do you shop on Black Friday? Nope, Na-da, Nix Never....

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